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Guidelines for Site Submissions

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What type of websites should be added to the directory?

Websites added to the GoGuides Directory should be quality sites that add original content and value to the directory. We are building the best directory on the net. Quality content is key.

Sites which have one or more of the following qualities should not be listed:

Any site that offers for sale, or sells

Note : We do not accept travel services or agents using partnered, affiliated, authorized agent or pay for usage booking services. We will however accept independent Real Estate Agent websites submitted to their respected counties. To view Regions: Click Here

How many listings can a site have?

Considering the wide variety of topics that are covered and the topics that are continuously being added, most sites will easily fit into our directory. However, each site will be limited to one listing. Most sites will never need to be listed more than once. Usually, there is one main topic that can be found. Sites should never be found within the same directory structure.

For example, a site should not be listed in Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Dodge and also in Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Dodge/Durango. There is the possibility, however, that a site would have qualifying content to be listed in two or more subtopics.
An example of this is a site listed in Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Dodge/Durango and Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Dodge/Neon.

What is the proper URL?

The URL must include the http:// part.
For example:

The overall principle is to submit the 'short' version of the URL
For example:
rather then http://www.goguides.org/index.html
just use http://www.goguides.org/

Do not use URLs that are deeper into the Site, if they can be reached from the Site's front page.
For Example: http://www.goguides.org/info/help_desk.html
would not be approved as a site submission as this page is accessible from the short URL.

What is the proper topic for a site?

Deciding on the correct topic for a site may be one of the most challenging tasks in site reviews. Dig deep into the directory sub topics to find the proper topic for your submission. If you feel that a proper topic does not exist you should contact Team Support

How should I evaluate a site?

Evaluation and rating of your site submission will be completed by GoGuides that are overseeing the topic that you have chosen. You do not have to worry about adding a rating.

How to Write a Title:

How to Write a Description:

What is Spam?

Most affiliate sites, multiple links to the same site, porn sites or websites that link to porn, hate sites, any sites which promote violence, and sites which violate international laws may be classified as spam. Below is a comprehensive list of what is considered spam by GoGuides standards.

GoGuides.Org reserves the right to delete, without notice, any website it deems objectionable

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