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What is GoGuides SpamTracker?

GoGuides SpamTracker searches for and identifies bad links in GoGuides database. Our crawler knows how to identify all types of undesirable and decaying links also known as linkrot. Using our uniquely designed spam detection and tracking system, we can reduce the shelf life of spam appearing in the directory. This approach reduces the overall linkrot footprint left behind by aging and decaying links.

How Spam Tracking Benefits Your Website

Having your website listed in GoGuides is a strong signal to search engines that your website contains high quality content. Our unique spam tracking system flags spam for removal as it appears in the directory. This helps to create a clean, search-engine-friendly neighborhood for your listing. GoGuides spam tracking system also reduces your website's exposure to aging and decaying links giving you a much stronger and trusted backlink for your link profile.

Why Does SpamTracker Keep Visiting My Website?

We need to periodically check your website to verify your content continues to meet our quality control guidelines. Performing regular checks on all directory listings reduces the shelf life of spam that appears in the directory. This protects our high quality listings in the directory from exposure to decaying links while also giving our visitors a better user experience.

How to Report Spam

Did you find spam in GoGuides that our spam tracker missed? No problem. Simply click the recycle box beside the URL located in the topic to report a spammy link. We review all spam reports and use that information to build additional spam tracking filters in our system. By reporting spam, you are helping improve the directory for all users.

Is Our Spider Misbehaving?

If you notice our crawler misbehaving, please contact us at [email protected] (attach log file entries of our spider, if possible).

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