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This section answers some of the most common questions we receive by email. If you still have questions after reading these Q&As, please contact Team Support. Return to Home Page

Why is GoGuides so popular?


What is the recycle box Recycle Box that appears to the left of each website url?


What are the little people Ranking ImageRanking ImageRanking Image images?


How does a ranking affect a listing in the topic?


Is a listing with a ranking of three better than all the other listings with lower rankings.


Will a ranking affect search results?


Some listings have no ranking. Why?


Can I request a ranking for a listing or request a change in a sites ranking?


Does it cost anything to request a change in a websites ranking?


How do I report spam in a topic?


How does GoGuides handle reports of spam?


What is the difference between Express Submit and Easy Submit?


What is the best way to contact you?


How long will a website remain in GoGuides?


How is GoGuides affiliated with the search engines?


Are nofollow tags added to listings in GoGuides?


Can I become an editor at GoGuides?


I submitted a website, but I think it belongs in a different topic. What should I do?


I want my website added to a topic with PageRank.


I want my listing moved because spiders do not index the topic where my site is listed.


Why is my website not appearing in the search engines?


Can I have a keyword rich title?


Can I suggest a new topic in GoGuides?


Can a nonprofit website receive a free listing?

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