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How does this work?

This is a community of internet citizens who have banned together to form an online union. As a union member, you are granted certain voting rights. That voting power gives you an equal voice within our community and within the union itself. A majority vote from within the community calls our union into action on your behalf. This gives you fair representation through our union with the search engines. Click Here For Membership!

I own a website. How can this union help me?

Our union bridges the gap between your industry and the search engines. This is accomplished by giving you the right to file a search engine complaint directly with your union representative. If your complaint meets our minimum complaint requirements, then our union committee will attempt to resolve your complaint directly with the search engine. This process provides a blanket of protection and a unified voice of thousands who work on your website's behalf to resolve the complaint. This type of website representation is not available anyplace else on the web.

We need 5,000 members before we can form our first committee and create the minimum complaint rules. We invite you to join today and help us meet our first goal of adding 5,000 union members to the community.

Union ByLaws

Why a union at GoGuides?

Individual search engine representation is needed now more than ever before. Even a small algorithm update with a major search engine can have damaging affects to a niche section of the internet. Net citizens running online businesses deserve to have a voice concerning those types of disruptive changes. Our community is made up of website owners, internet entrepreneurs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies, and net citizens. Who better to fill this void with a voice but our community that's made up of net citizens from around the world? GoGuides is not a search engine or SEO firm, yet GoGuides Directory has been in the search industry for over a decade where these entities exist. It is only natural for GoGuides to take the role of union provider for our community.

How do search engines feel about GoGuides Union?

We really don't know, because we didn't consult them before forming this union. But we hope they see our union as something positive that helps create a buffer between them and concerned net citizens. For a complaint to make it past the committee representative and then pass, a panel vote of elected members would certainly indicate the complaint has merit. For a strike vote to pass through the entire community means something is grievously wrong and needs to be addressed by popular demand. In the end, our union brings a valid complaint system to the internet and we are proud to be part of that process. Our union mission and entire purpose of existence is to give our members a voice, whereas before, there was none.

Will search engines negotiate with GoGuides Union?

Maybe, maybe not. This is still unknown, because it is untested. But what we will be able to do is deliver punishing financial penalties to any search engine that refuses to negotiate with our union.

How are the penalties served to the search engine?

On a selected date and time, our entire union will stop spending money on ads with the search engine in question for a 24-hour period. By not spending money on their revenue-generating platform, we are cutting off ad dollars going to the search engine. We can continue these strikes daily, weekly, or monthly until the offending search engine decides to start negotiating with us. Join Us- Make Your Voice Heard!

How will a strike impact members and the search engine?

A strike shouldn't have any impact on a member's website, because ad dollars are cut off to the offending search engine and can be diverted to another search engine's ad platform. This way, there shouldn't be any impact to our members' overall ad traffic. By redirecting ad dollars to another search engine while striking, you are rewarding that alternative search engine for good behavior while punishing the offending search engine for their bad behavior. This sends a very powerful message to the offending search engine that internet citizens are watching and protecting the free internet.

How costly is the financial penalty imposed on the search engine?

This totally depends on the number of members we have and the average ad spend of the community. For example, if we have one million members and the average ad spend across the community for each member is $50 a day, then the penalty would be substantial. The search engine would lose $50 million over a 24-hour period by refusing to negotiate with our union. Multiple union strikes against a search engine over a short period could even draw shareholders' attention due to the staggering dollar amount being lost. Join Us- Make Our Voice Louder!

Can I still join even if I don't spend money on ads?

Yes, even if you don't spend money on ads, you can still become a GoGuides Union Member and participate in boycotts and blackouts on dates and times assigned by our committee. Plus, you'll still receive that blanket of protection provided to all members by our union, because you'll always have the right to file a complaint.

Who decides when the union strikes?

This is a community vote that requires a majority of our members voting yea (51%) for the strike to proceed. We speak with one voice, so no one person can call a strike. Only our elected committee members can call upon our union members to request a strike vote. When our union committee presents a valid complaint to the community, then and only then, can our members vote to go on strike.

What is the union committee?

The union committee consists of a panel of six elected union members who are passionate about protecting the free internet and helping others. These are the most prestigious positions in our union, and these members have been appointed to their positions by community vote--an election process that occurs yearly within our community. Any active member within the union can run for a committee seat by politicking other members in the community for their vote at election time. These elected representatives handle all complaints filed within the community; have special voting powers to call for a community strike vote against a search engine; and attempts to communicate directly with the search engine on your behalf to resolve a complaint. These six elected representatives comprise six continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. Your official union representative is the elected member representing your continent.

Who can file a complaint?

Any active member within the community can file a complaint directly with their committee representative. Your official union representative will review your complaint and decide whether the complaint has merit or if the complaint is baseless. If your complaint is found to have merit, then your complaint is approved for a committee vote by your committee representative. Please note that search engine complaints are not being accepted by our union until union membership reaches 10,000 members and all committee seats are filled. Help us reach our membership goal. Order Your Membership Here!

Can I file any type of complaint against a search engine?

Yes, but your complaint must meet specific criteria to proceed to the next level. Failure to meet our minimum complaint requirements will result in your complaint being dismissed. Our union is designed to protect both individual website owners and the industries they represent. Committee by-laws dictating minimum complaint standards will be created by the committee panel once all elected seats are filled.

What happens if my complaint is approved for a committee vote?

Your union representative will then present your complaint with all supporting evidence to the other five committee members for a panel vote. These six members will then vote to proceed with your complaint or dismiss the complaint completely. In the case of a 3-to-3 tie vote, the union commander will cast the tie-breaking vote.

My complaint was approved by the committee in a panel vote, now what happens?

The committee will then attempt to open negotiations with the search engine to resolve the complaint. If negotiations fail, the committee will then present the complaint directly to the community and call for a strike vote. The committee will explain all merits of the complaint and include facts and other supporting evidence that validate the complaint. This will include all efforts made by the committee to resolve the complaint through negotiations. This method makes the entire process completely open and transparent to the community. Members can then review the documentation and cast their vote to start striking the search engine or not. If the strike vote receives over 51% of the total vote, then all community members agree to participate in the strike. Strike dates and times are then posted in the community forums by committee members.

Are elected committee members paid a salary?

At this time, these elected positions are voluntary and no compensation is paid. However, once we break the threshold of 10,000 members, then the committee members will start receiving a base salary of $1,000 USD per month for performing their duties. At 50,000 members, each elected committee member will start receiving a base salary of $4,000 USD per month. At 100,000 members, each elected committee member's salary will increase to $8,000 USD per month. At 500,000 members, each elected committee member's salary will increase to $30,000 USD per month. At two million members, each elected committee member's salary will increase to $100,000 USD per month. At three million members, each elected committee member's salary will increase to $150,000 USD per month. At five million members, each elected committee member's salary will max out at $250,000 USD per month. All committee members perform their duties from their current location using email and the community forums. All active members in the community are eligible to run for a committee seat at election time. Committee seats come available for re-election every year.

Can a committee member's base salary drop?

Yes, a committee member's salary is based on total membership numbers from month to month. Should membership drop below the previous threshold number, then the salary for the following month will drop accordingly. For example, if membership dropped below the minimum threshold of 10k members, then committee seats would become voluntary with no salary paid till the 10k membership minimum threshold is again exceeded. Committee members work as contract laborers and are responsible for all taxes. GoGuides will withhold taxes from a committee member's salary when required by law. Committee members living in a country where sanctions are imposed by the United States are not eligible for committee seat salary, even if that person is elected. GoGuides will not pay a salary to any committee member who would cause GoGuides LLC. to violate any United States Federal, State, or International laws.

Can a committee member be removed from his or her position?

Yes, in the case of gross misconduct or deceitful activities. Should the union commander receive a complaint from an active member that can be validated, then the commander can suspend the salary for that member and call for a panel vote within the committee to remove that committee member from their elected seat. In the case of removal from a committee seat, a new election is held within the community to fill the vacant seat. Four votes from within the committee panel are required to remove an elected panel member. Only the union commander has the power to call for a vote to remove a committee member. Future salary for a committee member will become null and void starting from the date of suspension. In addition, the former elected member will not be eligible for any future salary. However, if suspended and then reinstated by panel vote, the committee member will receive all back pay and continue to receive a monthly salary from the union.

How much is membership in GoGuides Union?

Your membership is free when you join GoGuides. This makes union membership affordable to everyone in the world, while helping to support a free internet! Your GoGuides membership subscription is set up via PayPal as a monthly subscription. We use PayPal, because they only allow one account per customer. This prevents members from gaining an upper voting hand in the community. You can have only one membership in our union. Anyone found violating this policy will have their membership revoked and that member will be banned from the community.

Can I join but remain anonymous?

Absolutely, you don't have to reveal your identity to anyone in the community. Only the Union Commander will know your true identity. The commander cannot reveal your identity to anyone, because of the GoGuides' privacy policies. However, as a member, you are required to participate in a strike if the community votes in favor of striking a search engine. That is the oath you take when joining. Therefore, if a strike is approved, the search engine will likely know your exact identity, because they'll know who's stopping ad spend in their system. Another drawback to staying anonymous is that you cannot participate in the community forum without revealing your identity. Currently, our union forums are located at (to be announced). And finally, you will not be able to run for an elected committee seat if your identity is hidden.

What's the difference between a strike, boycott, and blackout?

A strike is when our union members stop spending money on ads with the search engine in question. When a blackout is imposed, our members stop using the search functionality for that search engine. When a boycott is imposed, our members will stop using any service provided by the search engine. Community members are bound by oath to participate in all ad spend strikes if they have that type of account; however, boycotts and blackouts are optional.

Can the committee side with a search engine?

Committee members are bound by oath to treat both search engines and members with equal fairness when reviewing a complaint. If the committee through successful negotiations with the search engine discovers behavior on your behalf that is indicative of black hat activity, then your complaint will be dismissed. Additionally, if the committee finds sufficient evidence of black hat activities, they can perform a panel vote to permanently revoke your membership from the community. Our union does not exist to wage financial war against any search engine. Rather, our union exists solely for bringing peace and stability to the free internet, while giving our members a voice. We envision a voice that is so loud and so powerful that we cannot be ignored. United we stand.

What is required from active union members?

As an active member, you are required by oath to fully participate in a strike vote. Should the vote pass by a majority, you agree to participate in the strike, even if you voted against the strike. Members are required to continue paying membership dues even if a strike is ongoing or a complaint is filed. Membership fees must be paid monthly to remain active in our union. Furthermore, you are to actively promote our union and attempt to bring in new members. We are very proud of the role our union is taking over the internet, and as a member, you should be very proud of the fact that you are helping others while also helping to protect the free internet! By encouraging others to join GoGuides, you are making our union stronger! Click Here For Membership!

Who is the Union Commander?

The union commander is Robert Barger, the creator of this union and owner of GoGuides. The union commander has the power to break a tie vote within the committee and ensures that the union is running fair and policies are being enforced. The commander oversees payments to elected community officials and can allocate traveling expenses to panel members when needed. The commander also oversees all voting procedures within the community to ensure fairness and to prevent fraud. The Union Commander also handles complaints from members regarding committee members. At times, the commander will assist committee members in negotiations with a search engine.

When is Election Day?

Committee elections are held every other month for a different continent. Our entire committee represents these six continents and their election dates: Asia Seat-January 20, Africa Seat-March 20, North America Seat-May 20, South America Seat-July 20, Europe Seat-September 20, and Australia Seat-November 20. Members have thirty days from the last election date to toss in their hat for the next committee seat coming available. Regardless of location, any active member can run for a vacant seat; however, as a committee member, you cannot run for a vacant seat while in office, unless you are defending your committee seat in re-election. Once our community reaches 5,000 members, we'll start holding scheduled elections as normal. In our best estimation, it might take our union committee one year to fully mature to six members. You can support us during these early days by joining our union!

How sought after are the committee seats?

Committee seats are much sought after and highly competitive, especially if we hit the five-million-member mark. We expect members to chase after those coveted committee seats from one election to another with great enthusiasm. We are very proud and excited that our union could possibly be handing out "a multi-million dollar job" every two months to our community. We say multi-million dollar job, because it's a twelve-month term seat and it could pay up to $250k a month. We've done our part. Now it's your turn. Join our union today!

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