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Get started with Bitcoin: find a wallet, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin, read bitcoin news, and get involved on the forum. Digital money is different than the traditional finance world is used to. It offers three core values in which many currencies cannot attain: Decentralization, Open Source, and Peer-to-Peer networking.
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Up-to-date bitcoin stats including Mining Profit, Transaction Volume, Avg Transaction Fee, and Number of Transactions.
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What is "Market Capitalization" and how is it calculated? Market Capitalization is one way to rank the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the Price by the Circulating Supply. Market Cap = Price X Circulating Supply.
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The first part will speak to a broad explanation of what bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large are. The second will discuss my personal investment philosophy as it pertains to crypto. The third will show you step by step how to actually begin investing in crypto, if you so choose.
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Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Litecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances.
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Search by address, block number or hash, transaction or public key hash, or chain name
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Litecoin's block mining reward halves every 840,000 blocks, the coin reward will decrease from 25 to 12.5 coins. You can watch an educational video by the Litecoin Association explaining it in more detail here.
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Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, since the system works without a central repository or single administrator. According to research produced by Cambridge University in 2017, there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.
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Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively, at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known. Most cryptocurrencies are designed to gradually decrease production of currency, placing an ultimate cap on the total amount of currency that will ever be in circulation, mimicking precious metals.
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So you've heard of Bitcoin, and you're ready to get your hands on some digital wealth. You can buy and trade for bitcoins, or you can "mine" for them. Mining for bitcoins is actually the process of verifying other bitcoin transactions, which users are rewarded for. This is the central mechanic behind the bitcoin economy, and mining is used to keep transactions secure and...
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