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Official announcement of eGO ERC20 collectable tokens and rewards program. ERC20 is a standard that tokens on the Ethereum network can meet. These tokens are blockchain assets and can be sent and received, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

Starting in 2018 all members in good standing in the community will start receiving monthly airdrops. Once distribution has started each member will receive 100 eGO tokens with this process continuing monthly until all tokens assigned to the community are distributed.
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Token Name: GoGuides

Token Symbol: eGO

Total Supply: 200,000,000

Contract Address: 0x18cabd1e7db6c52406719cb72859ea2c2eea75d6

ANN Page: Bitcointalk Forums

eGO listed on: ForkDelta

80% Distribution: 160,000,000 exclusively held for members. Airdropped monthly + bonuses

20% Distribution: 40,000,000 exclusively held by GoGuides to assist in eGO token promotion and growth.

--Monthly Bonus—

Bonuses and airdrops come directly from the 80% distribution.

Members have unlimited submit privileges in GoGuides with no topic restrictions. Members are rewarded each month for the number of websites they add. Receive 10 eGO tokens for each website added in GoGuides. Member bonus is added to the following month airdrop. Add 150 websites in GoGuides receive an additional 1,500 eGO tokens with your next airdrop. Spamming is not allowed so learn the rules.

Be the first to report to GoGuides staff a bad or broken link and receive an additional 10 eGO tokens in your next airdrop.

Be the first to report to GoGuides staff a porn or spam link and receive an additional 100 eGO tokens in your next airdrop.


Bounties come directly from the 20% distribution.

Bounties are community projects that rewards members for upgrades to our system. If you have a skill that could improve GoGuides let us know you might be eligible for a large eGO token bounty.

GoGuides was started in 2001 by Robert Barger after Walt Disney closed the GoGuides directory. You can follow Robert on twitter for important announcements https://twitter.com/Robert_M_Barger

Have a comment or question please contact us at teamsupport@goguides.org

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