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GoGuides Free Ad Box allows the public to advertise in a selected topic for free. If your ad doesn’t start appearing within 24 hours after submission then we rejected your ad. Every two to four weeks we delete all free ads in the system and the process starts all over. This allow everyone an equal opportunity to claim a topic of interest for advertising. There is only one free ad spot per topic but we have an inventory of over 75 thousand topics to select from. These free ad spots are available on first-come, first-served basis. You are not required to have your website listed in GoGuides for approval and you can select as many topics as you like. But your ad must have topic relevance for approval and meet inclusion guidelines. Nofollow tags are not used because these are free ads reviewed before approval. Once you click the Submit Free Ad button below you are redirected to GoGuides front page. No additional information needed. To learn more about our free program and when we reset all free ads click here.

Fill out your Topic Sponsorship Information

Find an unclaimed topic you wish to run your free ad in and click the "To claim this spot click here" topic link and fill out your free ad information.

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